Decisions can be hard! And deciding between photos that you love can be even trickier. We understand that and want to make it a little easier on you, so here’s what we can do.

Plan your session

We include a planning meeting in your session fee, to make sure we understand what you want before we go ahead and photograph your family portrait session. Read more about that here.

Choose a few walls

Room with A4 paper in wall

Sometime between your planning meeting and your gallery premiere / purchasing appointment, you just need to take a few snapshots around your home. It’s easy to do this on your phone, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Attach an A4 sheet of paper (it doesn’t have to be blank – any A4 sheet will do) to your chosen wall
  2. Stand facing the wall directly, avoiding shooting at an angle, and snap a photo on your phone or camera. Do this for each of the walls in your home where you would like to display wall art of your family. Try and include surrounding features if possible, such as your furnishings or windows, to give you a nice room-view.
  3. Email the photos through to

Kitchen and meals area with A4 paper in wall

Visualise your art

At your gallery premiere, you will see a gorgeous slideshow, and then be able to view your images individually to select your favourites.

With your shortlisted images, we can use the photos you had previously sent to show you what the wall art you would like will really look like in your own home. This is particularly helpful when choosing a size, as we will show you what each size would look like on that exact wall.

Room with canvas in b&w

Set of fine art prints b&w with white border

What was that about size

When selecting wall art for photography, the sizes can be totally confusing. Trying to imagine 24 inches? I don’t even know what that is! Who uses inches anyway? What size is my couch? Who knows! Don’t stress, these are all completely normal responses!

Using our boutique software, and the snapshots you provide, the A4 sheet of paper you included gives us the measurement we need to understand the scale and dimensions of your room.

Family portrait ib b&w in acrylic in meals area

When we show you what the wall art will look like on the walls in your own home, it is true to size. You can even increase / reduce the size visually, until you like how it looks, and then the software will tell you what size you’ve chosen to order.

If you forget the paper, and send through the photos, don’t worry either. In this situation, just provide a measurement for something else in the picture (at least 15cm) and we will figure it out from there.

In case you don’t have the chance to take photos of your home, or would prefer not to, we can still demonstrate how the wall art would look over an average sized couch, or in a hallway for instance, using stock photos of various rooms. It’s quite fun and so helpful!