Having meaningful art and family memories displayed in your home can beautifully enhance your everyday life. Gorgeous wall art provides a visual reminder of the bond at the heart of your family, helping us find moments in our day for gratitude and joy.


With your memories our priority, Story and Light Studio provide beautiful, high quality products that will provide endless value for years to come. Combined with our three guarantees, you can trust that your fun family photo session will result in modern family heirlooms that you will continue to love as your family changes and grows.

Canvas wall art

Viewing room customer canvas, albuns and fine art printWith a 75 year replacement guarantee, our gorgeous canvas prints are one of our most popular products from a world-leader in photo prints on canvas, featuring:

  • Genuine, archival-grade canvas. Unlike the cheap poly cotton canvas from China, our canvas is bright white, giving your print amazing colour and definition. Plus, it’s resistant to wear, free of artificial whiteners and is a heavyweight 440 gsm.
  • A quality frame ensures your print won’t warp and will look the same in 75 years as it does today. Each frame is created using premium, double-profiled meranti hardwood. Since they are custom-made, it means we can offer any size you need, plus they are hand cut to ensure perfect joins. The double-beveled profile means your print sits flush against the wall, and the outline of the timber won’t show through the front of the canvas.
  • Our prints come ready to hang. All our prints come finished at the back with acid-free frame tape to seal the join between the canvas the stretcher. Gallery-quality hooks, screws and wire are then added, so when you take your canvas out of the box, it can go straight on the wall. The fittings are stainless steel and robust enough to support the weight of even the largest canvas print.
  • Lamination to make your prints last longer.  An unlaminated print is like a photo without a frame; over time, the corners will begin to tear and crease. All our prints are laminated with a double coat of UV-protective, waterproof and antifungal laminate, ensuring your canvas print will last well into the future.

Acrylic mounted wall art

Modern acrylic prints installed in wall

For a unique way of showcasing your images, we offer stunning acrylic prints in two modern styles.

  • Your image is printed using archival quality inks on professional gloss photographic paper.
  • Then it’s mounted, using non-yellowing pH-neutral adhesive.
  • After that, your artwork is placed behind clear acrylic (available in a range of thicknesses).
  • Finally, your piece is completed with a unique acrylic hanging system, either classic – featuring metal corner mounts – or sheer.

Fine Art photo prints and quality framing

Wall art portrait in fine art paper and black frame

Fine Art Printing service is a superior way of displaying and protecting your images. We offer:

  • Museum-quality paper at archival quality
  • Instead of wood pulp, our fine art papers are made from 100% cotton rag. This is literally high grade cotton which has been rolled into an extremely high quality printing paper. The method for making fine art paper has been refined in Europe at paper mills that have operated for hundreds of years.
  • Our premium picture frames use use quality acid-free materials combined with archival fine art printing for long-lasting quality.

Stunning photographic image boxes

Picture box with fine art paper printed in matt

Image Portfolios are unique, personalised image boxes that come with a set of matted fine art photo prints.

  • Beautifully printed on canvas and treated with a protective coating, your Image Portfolio will become a lasting treasure.
  • In a choice of two sizes, 10″ square or 13″ square, your image box contains 10 individually selected and printed portraits from your family gallery.
  • Keep the box on display with the matted prints, or repurpose it as a treasure box and frame the prints for your wall.

Picture box cover details

Memorable albums

Viewing room customer viewing album

Our premium hardcover photobooks are a stylish, contemporary and flexible option for preserving your family memories for years to come.

  • Archival materials and stitched pages ensure long-lasting, fine quality products.
  • Choose from three sizes, 8″ square, 10″ square or 12″ square.
  • Include all your favourites from your family gallery in a 20 page (10 leaf) album.