Your (family) time is now. Your family is a unique crew of personalities, and your life is an adventure, happening right now. Full of fun and challenges and love, and always, ever, changing. Your family is right now, this moment, this season of your life, this everything. Your family is worth celebrating.

Congratulations on choosing to celebrate your family with fun portrait photography today!

Let’s connect

Whether you prefer a phone call, an email or an online chat, the first step in arranging your family photos is to get in touch. Check out the bookings page for details, or simply call Jose at the studio on 0417 509 955.

When we connect with you, you will have the opportunity to chat about your ideal portraits, ask any questions you may have and tell us about your family. An important part of our boutique portrait process is to begin with an in-depth planning meeting, so we will schedule this planning meeting, your photo session and your gallery premiere with you at this time.

It is important that all the family decision makers are present at all of these appointments. As your photographers and boutique service providers, we are invested in you and your family, making sure that everyone is happy with the resulting art to be displayed in your home.


These pieces will become modern family heirlooms, which you will treasure for years to come.

Planning meeting

Planning and preparation are the absolute best way of making sure we achieve fantastic family portraits for your home. At the planning meeting we will chat about your family, your style and your home decor and colours.

Our service includes planning with you to create a selection of wall art which will make you happy, as well as helping you with choices about the photo session itself. We will help you balance your ideal products and your budget, get a clear idea of the sizes and styles of wall art you love most and then go into your photo session with these goals in mind.

Decide on your setting

With your family and kids portrait session, there are three main options for choosing a location or setting. While schedules and weather can be a factor, the main reason for how you make your choice is your personal taste!

Have a think about the sort of look you would love to achieve with your family or kids portraits, and what sort of image style will suit your home decor, as well as the experience you would most enjoy.

What best suits who you are?

  • Studio setting – Clean background and bright colours, simple black and whites, great for use of props and small activities, a contained space for your photo session experience and available in any weather or time of day
  • Outdoor location – Bring the colours / tones of the outdoors into your home decorating, vibrant greens, mixed colours, layers and shoes to suit the outside weather, variety of setting, room for larger groups
  • Lifestyle / Documentary – Photo-journalistic style, mostly black and white, slice of real life captured in largely available light in your home

Lifestyle / Documentary Session

Lifestyle / Documentary Session

What would you love most

Perhaps you have a beautiful spot above your couch in your living area, just waiting for a single striking family portrait. Or maybe it’s your style to have a series of images, telling a story with your favourite individual portrait of your family. We’ll chat with you about the style and sizes of wall art that you are most drawn to, and help you imagine your ideal home decor using the results of your family photo session.

Getting a concept in mind before your photo session helps us give you the best experience for your end goal, and also provides you with an early introduction to the choices available to you.


After your session, we will digitally show you your portraits in your home using a snapshot you take for this purpose, using our boutique studio software.

Sharing with family

Sharing is super fun, and in our digital age Facebook is a popular platform for letting family and friends know what’s happening with you. For this reason, we will give you facebook-optimised files for sharing every image which you purchase from your session.

In addition, when you like our Facebook page you will see us share our own highlights from your session (with your permission, of course) and you can then share these posts on your own page for everyone you love to enjoy!

Digital images of your entire session, print-ready at high-resolution, are available with two of our product collections, and individual digital images are also included with product purchases.

Gift prints and hand-held products are available as well, and can be viewed in our studio.

Click here for more details about wall art and other products, and contact us to book your family session today.


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