Introducing Story & Light, a playful family portrait studio in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs.

These are the days of magic and wonder…  childhood (and parenthood) is not without its challenges, that’s for sure. In the chaos of daily life, it’s hard to find time to stop. And when we do press pause for a moment, we might find that our kids have suddenly changed.

Maybe they are losing their baby face, and turning into a real little boy or girl. Perhaps they are more cuddly, less cuddly, independent, curious, full of spunk, full of joy, hilarious to watch, fun to play with, unique, beautiful, adorable. Perhaps all of those things… and they will keep on changing, growing, unfolding who they are as the days and years fly past.

Your (family) time is now. Your family is a unique crew of personalities, and your life is an adventure, happening right now. Full of fun and challenges and love, and always, ever, changing. Your family is right now, this moment, this season of your life, this everything.

Your family is worth celebrating.



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Your Story & Light photo session will mix loosely guided poses with fun word play, memories, inside jokes, squishy cuddles and quirky games. You will enjoy a morning or afternoon out of time, a couple of hours to play, hang out, hug, squish, dance, laugh or just be. You’ll be given the opportunity to focus on each individual relationship within your family crew, as well as the connection between you all. You’ll also get cute, fun and playful images of your child on their own.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I pay for a session and we can’t find a suitable time to book it in afterwards?

If you have a session fee credit that you have purchased via this website, or any other means, it is 100% refundable up to a week before your session.

I booked our photo session, but just found out we have a family event that day – what can I do?

If unexpected situations arise, your session can be rescheduled at no additional cost, no worries 🙂

I have a photo session booked, but just found out that we are moving away! Can I get a refund on my session fee?

Refunds for complete cancellation of your session (for any reason) are available up to 1 week before your session date, after which time you will receive a session credit. If you can’t use the session credit yourself, we suggest gifting it to a friend or loved one and can provide you with a digital or printed gift certificate to make it an even prettier present 🙂

I just want to ask a few more questions first…

Of course! Please do get in touch by either filling out the form below, chatting to Jose in the chat window (bottom right) that should pop up for you during business hours, or call Jose on 0417 509 955, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. You can also check out the Sessions page for more detailed info.

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