Soot sprites, board games and origami! I had a really fun time in the studio with these three gorgeous kids in one of our recent ‘siblings’ special sessions. We played ‘interview’ games, there may have been a bit of jumping around, and each one had their moment in the spotlight as well.

This session was special for a second reason as well – Imogen, the eldest, and my daughter Sienna have been friends since their first term of primary school (7 years ago) and it was such a joy to photograph these beautiful people I have seen learn and grow. It is especially poignant now that the girls have both moved on to high school, and it is a wonderful time to capture Imogen and her brothers just before she enters her teen years. All sibling relationships do ebb and flow as time passes, and I think it is a unique time to capture in their family dynamic, just as their big sister is tiptoeing from childhood to young adult.

There are so many sweet sets of images from the shoot that we think a custom photo book will make a beautiful keepsake for years to come.